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This blog is dedicated to sustainability, recycling, and most of all scavenged or pre loved books that found its way to me! I pledge to read the written word. And I pledge to love books no matter how dog eared they may be!

Currently reading: Cider House Rules by John Irving

The Cider House Rules (Paperback) - John Irving (Author)

Surprisingly, this book about children in orphanages is making me rethink about the abortion issue that's still hot on the debate board.


Wise words were written (alliteration!) about the topic. I agree with the belief that women should have a choice.

Chapter 1 / How nice it is to gab with co-workers about books!

The start of a new chapter (new blog)!


Objective: To post everyday about my reads; or really random strings of text that I'm sure will always center on books and reading.


I will try my best!




I've only started working for about a week, but I feel like I've found a few kindred souls in our editorial team. It shouldn't be a suprise for me to find a voracious reading appetite side to my co-workers, because after all, reading and writing are so closely interlinked! Here are some things I heared that made me happy to work with the people in my team


Carlos: "I had friends, but most of the time it was just me and my books."


Carlos is the news editor. He's a real cool guy and he's a bit more famous in the media industry than all of us combined. I would like to know what are the kinds of books that interest him, so I could look up on it. Alas, my rare moments of shyness reared its head!


Yula: "I'm reading Anansi Boys."


Neil Gaiman! Awesome! I loved his American Gods. Yula is the ever-wise team coordinator;  Yula said AG confused her because of the intergration of mythology. It's funny, that was the part I love reading the most. She told me she's juggling three books.


Jenny: "I like Asian literature!"


Jenny is as smart as a whip and has a penchant for Asian anything. Like me. I wish I could show her some of my Asian authors and other Asian literature books. She loves Japanese manga!


I love my workplace! The people seem so swell~